Purpose of the Experiment

  • This Experiment is designed to study the notion of "fun" elicited while playing Super Mario Bros levels.

Procedure of the Experiment

  • This experiment has three phases.
    1. First you must answer a questionnaire.
    2. Then you will complete a short game tutorial, play 2 levels of the game and answer a simple question. You will play another 2 levels.
    3. Finally you will play 3 levels and answer a simple question.
    4. You can also replay the second phase after finishing the whole process.
  • In total, the experiment takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.
  • Have Fun!

This platform is created by Haocheng Du, Yuchen Li; game content is generated by procedural content generation (PCG) techniques developed by Ziqi Wang.
This project is supported by Dr. Liu and Prof. Yannakakis.